This owns

My birthday present from Becki finally showed up today, two weeks after we thought someone stole the package. I think it owns, the cat would disagree.

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  2. What the fuck is it?

  3. greg, okay i see you are a cool new yorker… but dont forget i was once a cool newyorker till i moved to md and started work at triple b(hahah). frank, chilly and i are assuming u are still alive and want to say hi! so say hi back, Damnit!( i did rabbit sit for you once after all) even tho i know that means nothing, since you hated the bunny…..and what the heck is that robotic thing?> i see why the cat wouldnt like it, but you must know my bad decision making dogs would win in a battle with it.
    txt me so i know u and becky are great!(4104193510) kathkeen:}

  4. yes i spelled my name wrong…. drat…

  5. Hello, Mr Talented New Yorker.
    Would you be so kind as to identify the robotic thing your girl gave you.
    Assuming Becki is a girl and is _your_ girl. I want one, too.

  6. Since people keep asking, I guess it really isn’t terribly obvious what that thing is, it’s a Dalek from Doctor Who.

    Yeah, I’m a huge nerd, but that thing is hilariously awesome.

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