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This wouldn’t fit in Twitter.

So, I’m back in Maryland. Work wanted me down here tomorrow and Friday, which turned into wanting me down here Tuesday through Friday. I changed my train tickets, woke up at 5 AM yesterday to get to Penn station (too early by about half an hour, I might add, but that’s how I roll), and got to work.

It’s actually nice to be back working back at the mothership again. The team I work with is all down here, and while we keep in touch over IM, phone, and email, it just can’t compare to being there in person. I don’t have my Aeron, though, which sucks, because I’ve been spoiled rotten by that thing.

On the plus side, they’re putting me up in the corporate apartment, which is swank, and I’ve got the keys to the company car, which, because this place is awesome, is a Dodge Charger. I could get used to that car - after driving a tiny, refined, very practical Volkswagen hatchback for the last 8 years, I like driving a big old V6 sedan that makes no excuses about being obnoxious. I’m sure the charm will wear off before I leave, when I have to put gas in it.

Also, courtesy of the irrepressible Jon Tan, who is apparently some form of harbinger for Twitter , the half of the office that didn’t already use it is using it now, myself included. I’m still not sure I “get” Twitter, but it’s fun to screw around with. It’s an insanely simple but dead effective community of sorts - they’ve pared discussion down to the absolute minimum, and it works very well. I know I’m late to the party on this one, but damnit, I think it’s cool.

Twitter pretty much proved it’s worth to me earlier tonight, when I posted this, and fifteen minutes later I had a private message from Wez with the WEP key in it.

Though, to be honest, it didn’t go down exactly the way I described it in the tweet - I actually did print out a page with the key, but I left it at work (along with my laptop charger - I’m running low on battery, and Twitter can’t really help with that problem) and since it was in a Word doc, I couldn’t just open it on my phone. I took some self-deprecating liberties with that one, because it made the story funnier.

This one, though, was 100% true. It took me half an hour to find the damn thing.

The Forbidden Kingdom

I don’t feel like this movie warrants a full review, plus I’m lazy, so here is a bulleted list.

  • It’s pretty much the ancient China equivalent of Pirates of the Caribbean. Which is to say, completely ignorant of anything like history or reality.
  • But, who cares? It’s meant to be fun and entertaining, which it is. It’s not a deep movie by any means, but the (predictable and ludicrous) plot sets up the Kung Fu well enough, the jokes aren’t completely awful, and that’s really all I was looking for. Not worth seeing more than once, but I don’t feel like I wasted my time or money watching it.
  • The fight between Jet Li and Jackie Chan was fucking awesome, and went on for probably 10 or 15 minutes. It could’ve gone on for an hour and a half, for all I cared. The climactic battle at the end was pretty good, too.
  • The Kung Fu was pretty decent, not at the level of Fearless or anything, but considering how involved Woo-Ping Yuen was, I expected even more cheese-ball wirework and people flying around. All in all, the Kung Fu is satisfying and well-executed.
  • I just want to reiterate how awesome Jackie Chan fighting Jet Li was.

It’s probably worth seeing just for the fights, but I’m hesitant to actually recommend it, since you can find much better examples of Jet Li or Jackie Chan beating up like 50 dudes on DVD, probably for cheaper than a movie ticket.


I started using Twitter. Most likely it’ll replace the asides here within a day or two.

EDIT 7/28/08: Disabling comments on this post, because for some reason it’s attracting an inordinate amount of spam. Way to go, Akismet.

I also totally just bought these.

I desperately want to walk around the city with this or this like it’s a map, and ask random people for directions. I’m trying to get to the giant sideways “E”. Where is that?