Goodness Gracious.

Update: Well, that was a short-lived bandwagon: 66-47 Hoyas. There’s aways next year?

Quick note here, because I really shouldn’t be posting at all unless it’s to post pics of my new apartment before my Mom attacks me with a shoe. I haven’t even taken said pics yet, so this is all I got.

For the first time in their 22-year NCAA Division I history, UMBC has made it into the NCAA tournament. Maryland, real Maryland, College Park, did not.

Let me be clear here. I do not care about basketball. I am aware of it’s existence as a sport, and I’m pretty sure I know the number of players on the team. I can’t name you a good player, or a good team. Though I guess I’m aware that the Knicks are a joke this year, I don’t know why or what their record is. I’ve seen a total of maybe half a game of basketball, cumulatively, in my entire life, and the majority of that was either because it was on in High-Def so I held off changing channels for a second or two, or because it was on at a bar and I was bored so I just started staring into space in the general direction of the game.

I also do not care about UMBC. Since I graduated, I’ve been back a couple of times to visit people who (at the time) lived on campus, and I used to use the gym there with Rob, but I haven’t been there for about two years now. Far as I’m concerned, my involvement with UMBC ended the day my diploma showed up in the mail.

But I am jumping on this bandwagon so hard, starting right now.

The game’s Friday at 3. Awesome.

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  1. You are hilarious! Go UMBC! How’s NYC?


  3. i love bandwagon jumpers!!!!!!!!!! you better txt me, so i know how u and becky are doing. also, i am back working at evil annapolis, and i told franke how you had moved. he is freaking out b/c maybe he used to live in brooklyn? so he wants to know where in brooklyn……. tell becky hi! kathleen:}

  4. I could swear you’ve been to at least one Nationals game at RFK stadium.


    PS: 18-1

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