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I’ve been messing around with Hammer, the map editor for the Source engine, and I’ve got a decent chunk of a Portal map worked out. God, I love Portal. TF2 mapping is fun, too, but seriously, Portal.

This is kind of sad.

Sometimes I like to see how small or obtuse of a string I can put into the search box on iTunes to return a specific result. Yeah, I could just type in the album name, but I feel like I can avoid typing a character here and there and still get the same results. Ironically, theĀ  cumulative number of characters I’ve managed to avoid typing while doing this probably add up to less than the number of keystrokes I’m putting into this post explaining the whole ridiculous process.

For example, kr ope is specific enough to return Kraftwerk - Trans-Europe Express, and thei co will give me all my Thievery Corporation albums. wu 8 returns Wu-Tang’s 8 Diagrams, while wu 3 returns 36 chambers.

Granted, those are just typing in the first few letters of each word until I get down to something specific, but yah yo, somewhat hilariously, is enough to find Matiyahu - Youth, and hiv is two extraneous songs away from sorting to just The Hives.

These are the things I waste my time figuring out. It’s really pretty stupid.

Charts and graphs

Rap Lyrics Explained with Charts and Graphs. I actually got almost all the references on this, which was kind of surprising. This one might be my favorite.


Cloverfield has an indecipherable title, no-name actors, and a no-name director. About the only person of note involved was JJ Abrams, and since I don’t watch Lost, that’s not exactly the strongest pedigree. The premise is one that’s been done dozens of times before, and the shaky-cam thing has a history of not working.

So the genius of Cloverfield isn’t in the cast or crew, or the plot -it’s in the execution. And it is a monster movie executed brilliantly, though not perfectly. It’s short, clocking at around an hour and a half, and I wished it had been longer, but it’s tight, and doesn’t drag at all. The cameraman - the one supposedly shooting the footage - is hilarious in a gallows humor kind of way.

Spoilers after the jump, because this is sort of movie that’s a lot better when you go in blind.

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If you haven’t already heard the news, Becki and I are officially engaged. Woo hoo!