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Look At All That Def

In the interest of cutting to the chase: I bought a high-def TV.

I actually got it last Friday, which is the first time I’ve gone out on “Black Friday” and tried to get a good deal on stuff. It’s a 32″ 720p no-name LCD, normally $750, marked down to $600 for the day.

I didn’t have to wake up early and fight crowds or anything, either. I strolled into the Columbia Best Buy at about noon, didn’t have a problem finding parking, and there was a pile of TVs sitting there waiting for me. The other ones I was looking at were a 37″ version of the same one I got, for an extra hundo, and a 32″ Sony Bravia for an extra hundo on top of that. I’m a tightwad, which ruled out the Bravia, and having set the thing up, the 37″ wouldn’t actually have fit on my coffee table without banging into the bookshelves. I think I did alright.

The cable here is in Becki’s name, so I had to make her call and get the Hi-Def hooked up, which Comcast was only able to do today, so this is the first time I’ve actually been able to sit down and watch proper HD on it, though the Wii looks pretty good, even at 480i.

Holy crap this is so much def.

I know it’s not the highest - my old roommate Chris and my friend Rob both have HD projectors on a 100+” screen, and several people I know have bigger, better TVs - including my Dad, who has two.

Still, this is a lot of def. It is almost too much def, if such a thing were possible.


I was pumping gas, and the PA was playing “Jingle Bell Rock”. I absolutely fucking loathe “Jingle Bell Rock”.

The Hives

Somewhat improbably, The Black and White Album is even better than Tyrannosaurus Hives. Go buy it right now.

30 Days of Night

A dude gets his brain punched out.

Five stars.

Halloween. Also Picasa sucks.

I finally got the pictures from the Halloween party I went to on Wednesday. It was a pretty low-key affair, with maybe 10 people, half of whom dressed up. I left around 11, and we pretty much watched movies and played games all night, which was fine with me, since I’d just gotten back from a business trip that afternoon.

We had a Queen Bee, a Killer Bee, two comic book characters (The Punisher, and some guy from a thing called Preacher?), a French Maid, and maybe some other people. The important thing, as always, was me:



I’m a Weighted Companion Cube, from the game Portal. As you can see, I reglected to cut arm holes in the thing, which was a very bad idea.

Anyway, the party pictures were taken by someone who did have armholes in their outfit, and posted to Picasa, which I have determined is not as good as Flickr in any way.

Why can’t I middle-click to open images in new tabs? Why is the page layout so goofy and huge, when all I want is the damn image? Why is zooming in/out an operation with only two choices? Why is it utterly impossible to see a photo by itself on the site without downloading the thing? Great, I get a little GMaps click-and-drag thing to pan around the big photos. Why don’t you just show me the whole goddamned thing?

Picasa is a pretty good example of why people need to stop holding Google up like some kind of golden god. They didn’t do distributed storage or computing - Amazon did. Picasa loses, and loses hard, to Flickr. While their maps and search are the best available, a lot of Google’s web apps are just not very good. They had a few hits early on, but they’re a search and Ad sales company at heart. Picasa proves that just because you can build an entire app with fancy Web 2.0 whatnot, it doesn’t mean that you should.