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C’est la Vie

Becki and Rob are both out of town this weekend, so what am I doing? Watching episodes of Good Eats on YouTube.

postin dis

from my phone. Hells yeah.


I upgraded WordPress to 2.2.1. The upgrade process is almost as easy as the installation process, although in the process of deleting and replacing everything I noticed that WordPress has an awful lot of files. Also, I deleted the wp-config file, so I had to try to remember the connect string. The DB name and login, I found in PHPMyAdmin, but the password was nowhere to be found. I ended up creating a new user and just adding that one.

Also: Akismet, which I installed on April 11th, a little over 3 months ago, has blocked 1,012 spam comments. I don’t have what you’d call a “high-traffic”, or “popular”, or even “good” blog, so that’s really a sign that spammers are starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel. To Akismet’s credit, I’ve never gotten any false positives out of it, and it’s only let 6 or 7 junk comments through. They were all of the “generic comment text, but with an ad-laced domain squat in the URL” variety. I can’t blame Akismet for not blocking a comment with a random Yeats quote as the text, and (something like that, anyway - just as well if I got it wrong, since I don’t want to give them the free advertising) as the URL.

Finally, I’m ready to officially call Blogosphorum a failure. There are a number of small problems with it right now - character encoding, the cron job not firing,  XML parsing being patchy at best - and I just can’t be fucked to fix them. It’s still up, and I’ll go back and re-visit the idea at some point, but for now I’m sick of looking at it. I still think it’s a solid concept, and it could be really great if I put in the hours to make it work 100%, but for right now, I’m just going to stop working on it or talking about it.

iPhone. No, I didn’t buy one.

Becki and I went to the Columbia mall last night, and while we were there we stopped in the Apple store to play with a couple of iPhones. After five minutes or so of screwing around with the thing, I sated my gadget-lust with it, and also decided that I’m glad I don’t own one. I’ll be comparing the $600 iPhone to my $100 Motorola Q, throughout.

It’s long, so here’s a jump/cut/break.

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Man, I love Common.

Pro-Tip: The audio isn’t exactly work-safe.