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It’s official.


This showed up in the office today, from one of the clients that I work with. If you can’t read it, it says “Omni Guys Rock!”. Omni(TI) is the company, Guys is me (and some other folks), and Rock(ing your face off) is what I came to do.

They sent the above, which is about a pound of solid chocolate, in addition to several other boxes of goodies. The downside is that I think the chocolate might be cursed, because my day got a lot worse after it showed up.

I am officially old.

Some girl “hey mister”-ed me at the Fallout Boy (shut up) show today. Tomorrow: retirement.

RSS Forum: Blogosphere as discussion board.

Hello and welcome to a post about my weekend project. Because I’m an uncreative dork, the name pretty much gives away what it is and what it does, but here’s some more words:

RSS Forum is the result of my thinking that “the blogosphere” (ugh) is really just a discussion forum, spread out across the entire internet. Someone makes a post on their blog, and some people show up and reply to it. Extrapolated a bit: blogs are forums, blog posts are threads, and comments are posts. Why not consolidate that, and save myself some clicking.


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FAlbum on the fritz again

Sigh. I wonder if my API key got yanked again. This is becoming increasingly frustrating.