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TGIF am i rite

No, I’m emphatically not right. Not even fucking close to right.


EDIT: For reference, this was actually a test post for something we were doing at work. It sort of got angrier as I went along, because the stupid thing wasn’t working. I’m really not that mad, and today wasn’t really that bad.

Anyway, I’m going to go back to playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R., which is sort of like Oblivion mixed with Half-Life 2 and Chernobyl. It works out like a shallower and less polished Deus Ex, but the graphics are amazing and I absolutely adore the setting. The dynamic lighting system destroys my video card, but it’s so worth it.

Stay classy, Diebold

“So, we have an e-voting company with a long history of questionable machines and even more questionable practices…It loses a bid for a contract and then sues the state for daring to select a competitor.” Full Story.


Finally, a week late, I’m posting a review of Frank Miller’s (Sin City) and Zach Synder’s (Dawn of the Dead remake) 300.

Not that you need to be told this, but the movie is about the Battle of Thermopyae, where 300 Spartans royally beat in the dicks of about a million Persians before getting butchered.

Short version: it was awesome, but could’ve been more so. It’s the sort of movie that I love, but that I know isn’t going to get good reviews from critics. Ignore the 60% on Rotten Tomatoes, and go see it.

Long version is after the jump, because it’s filled with spoilers, and I try to be considerate. More »

Site changes

Not that you care, but I added some new photos and links, and re-formatted the archives and photo pages a bit.

New Yorkers: NOT THAT RUDE.

I got back this morning from a ridiculously overblown trip to see 300. The closest Imax theater playing it is actually in New York City, so Phil, Alex, Terry (some guy I didn’t know) went up to see it and screw around. In brief, we got lunch after the movie, then wandered through Manhattan acting like morons. A light smattering of photos have been posted, but considering that I lugged my camera around all day, I didn’t get all that much use out of it.

Now, I’ve been to New York before, always as part of an insulating group - with my parents as a kid, or with 60 SA Goons two years ago - and always felt more like I was going out with that group, rather than visiting the city. So this was my first time being in New York that I had some control over (and responsiblity for) what I did, and I could engage it on my own terms.

The New Yorkers that I actually interacted with, mostly bartenders or people we asked for directions, were one and all far nicer than I’d anticipated - the city having the reputation it does for being gruff, particularly to out-of-towners.

My favorite was probably this guy in Brooklyn. On our way out, we got off the train at Rockaway Ave, instead of Rockaway Blvd, and this black guy sees us looking at a map and immediately notices that we’re lost. He explains that we’re about 7 stops short of where we want to be - apparently we aren’t the first people to get the wrong Rockaway stop. I think “in the middle of the hood” was how he described where we were - certainly too far to walk. And since we hadn’t anticipated getting off and back on the train, we hadn’t put money on our metro cards to cover the extra trip, so were going to have to pony up $2 apiece for new ones.
So the guy goes into the station with us, and calmly pops the exit door open from the outside - probably not “legal”, no, but it got us out of spending $2. I’m pretty lit up by this time of night, so I mention to the guy that he was really nice, even though I’d thought that all New Yorkers were sullen jerks. He looks at me and says “Yeah, especially the black ones, right?”, and we both just completely crack up.

Yeah, definitely still a fan of New York, having managed to avoid the pimps and the CHUDs one more time.